A downloadable game for Windows

Website with further details: acatalept.com/singmetosleep

This is a very limited playable atmosphere prototype, to give you a taste of the final product.

Before you download, note that the current version requires:

  • 64-bit version of Windows (32-bit coming soon)
  • a powerful video card, since there is currently no way to adjust graphics quality (also coming soon) other than hacking the .INI files. By default, it runs fullscreen at the same resolution as your desktop, with full-scene dynamic shadows (a big performance hit). This runs at 60fps on a GTX670 at 1920x1200, but your mileage may vary with slower cards. This type of experience doesn't require the precision and fluidity of 60fps like a first-person shooter would, but it's painful to play at 1fps on an Intel HD 3000 ;)

It's possible to lower the resolution by editing the file "GameUserSettings.ini" in the subfolder "singmetosleep\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor":

; 0 = fullscreen (traditional): best performance, supports
;     all resolutions, but doesn't alt-tab as nicely
; 1 = windowed fullscreen (borderless): always at desktop
;     resolution, better alt-tab app switching
; 2 = windowed standard: supports lower-resolution window
;     with border and min/max/close buttons
; width and height of game window

Oculus Rift dev kit is optionally supported and will be used automatically if detected. if you have a Rift but wish to play without it, you must disconnect both the USB and HDMI/video connections from the Rift or the engine will detect it and try to use it (even if it's powered off).

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singmetosleep-early-prototype.zip 99 MB

Install instructions

You may need to download and install either/both of the following if you don't already have them:

Latest DirectX runtime

Visual C++ 2013 runtime

Please email acat@acatalept.com or twitter @acatalept if you need assistance. Good luck!